A weekly class for all levels taught by Suzanne Newton; beginners welcome. This 12-week course will run from April 6 to June 22 on Friday mornings, 10 – 11:30am.

Hatha Yoga is awareness training and it begins with focusing on your body and your breath. In this All Levels Class we will practice the classic postures, paying attention to the important details of doing the postures skillfully and safely. We will also observe and direct the breath to promote well-being and relaxation. In a world that is very busy and increasingly complex, yoga practice is the antidote – a way to ground, simplify and refresh yourself.

Beginners will be introduced to Yoga and experienced students will refine their practices.

If you have significant movement limitations, for any reason, let Suzanne know what they are before attending your first class. Contact Suzanne via email with your questions and concerns.


Drop-in fee per class is $17/ Prepayment for 12 classes is $130 (cash or check)