Nikki Russell

Yoga impressed NIKKI RUSSELL at a very early age: “In the 1970s, I watched my mother practice along with Lilias on PBS and the book Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Yoga Plan. I thought yoga was pretty funny at the time, something for hippies and oddballs. Yet in college, I found myself drawn to yoga as a way to relieve the stresses of a rigorous mental schedule. Yoga had not yet experienced a renaissance and I turned to Richard Hittleman’s book a begin my practice at home.”

“After moving to Huntsville in 1995, I studied under beloved local teachers including Cathy Lambert, Cindy Swearingen, Tom Musgrove and Stephen Alban. Each of these teachers brought valuable skill and insight in my practice. As I worked with these instructors, I found that yoga’s benefits far exceeded mere stress release. And for more than twenty years I have maintained a continual practice, never allowing yoga to be pushed aside in the pursuit of other interests. I truly believe yoga is for everyone, whether the student needs posture modification or can practice advanced postures. In the words of Karin Bjorkegren, ‘Yoga is the best retirement plan possible.’ Absolutely.”