Yoga has been a part of RYAN TRAVIS‘s life since he was eight years old.

“I actually started with meditation, then pranayama (yogic breathing), and eventually incorporated asanas (postures). This whole journey started one night when I couldn’t sleep. My mom noticed and she put me through a guided relaxation. I fell in love with it!

“Later I decided to get certified in both meditation from transformational meditation and vinyasa yoga from Yoga Fire. However, it wasn’t until the middle of my vinyasa training did I truly get into one of my favorite styles of yoga, kundalini. Kundalini yoga came to me in a time of uncertainty and it reminded that my true nature is stillness. Kundalini yoga literally has the power to completely transform your life mentally, physically, and spirituality just like it did mine. 

“Nowadays, I teach kundalini and vinyasa yoga to not only improve flexibility and strength, but also to balance the heart-mind and find our inner stillness. Currently I am in college to become a counselor and will someday incorporate some of the yogic practices with modern therapy. My goal is to provide people with the knowledge to connect to their own hearts, and find their own way to inner stillness.”