The following guidelines will insure that you have the best experience possible when you visit us at the Yoga Center:

  • The doors to the studio will open at least fifteen minutes prior to class time.  Please arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to start time in order to sign in.  If a previous class is still in session, please come in and wait quietly until the class is over.

  • If you arrive late for your class, the door will be locked 5 minutes after class has begun, however, you are still welcome to join in- we simply request that you wait outside until the brief centering practice has concluded and then an instructor will open the door for you.

  • Upon entering the studio, we ask that you immediately remove your shoes at the door in order to keep the floors clean for practicing in bare feet.  You may store them along with your other belongings in one of the cubicles provided.

  • Make sure your cell phone has been turned off completely, or leave it in your vehicle during class.  Practicing yoga isn’t just about finding ‘peace’ in the literal sense- it’s also about discovering the ability to leave the rest of the world and all of it’s distractions outside.

  • After signing in on the sheet at the front desk, you may set up your mat wherever you wish.  The teacher will most likely inform you as to what props you will need for class, located in the closet at the back of the studio.  Please use caution when walking to/from the prop room, so you are not stepping on other student’s yoga mats.

  • Once you have found a place for your mat, you may relax and center yourself by doing some gentle breathing/stretching exercises, or you may talk quietly until class begins.

  • Please refrain from wearing perfumes or strongly scented products in consideration of those who may have allergies/sensitivities.

  • Please do not chew gum in class- while some of our instructors may be certified in CPR, we’d rather not put those skills to use!