How do I start?

 Come to our Wednesday night 5:15 pm Beginner’s class or our Saturday Gentle Yoga class at 10:45am. Arrive 10 minutes prior to the class start time, as you will need to fill out some paperwork and get acclimated with the studio. Let the Instructor know it’s your first time, and if you have any injuries/medical conditions.

What do I bring?

We will provide all the mats and equipment that you will need, but you are welcome to bring your own mat, if you prefer.  A water fountain is located inside the studio, or you may bring a water bottle.  If you tend to sweat easily, you may also want to bring a hand towel.

What do I wear?

We are in a group environment, so we ask that you wear something modest enough to feel comfortable wearing around others, but nothing that will restrict your movements in poses.  Yoga is practiced in bare feet in order to achieve a better connection with the ground underneath you when attempting balance poses.

Where can I park?

We have ample parking at the front of the studio and along the side of the building, and if space is full in those areas we also have more spaces located around the back.

Where can I park?

Everyone feels anxious coming into a new space and attempting something new. Even the most seasoned yogis have a difficult time adapting to change.  But that’s the beauty of yoga- it teaches all of us that change is necessary to take us somewhere better.

I have never done yoga before. What can I expect?

At the Yoga Center, we pride ourselves in providing a warm, welcoming atmosphere to anyone who wishes to learn because we know we all have at least one thing in common: each one of us  has been a student at some point in our lives.

Our instructors have been well trained to guide you through the practice in order to reach your highest potential as an individual.  Some days are better than others when it comes to our minds and our bodies, but every day in yoga holds something new and exciting to discover and embrace about ourselves.

Each instructor has their own style of teaching, but the foundation poses in yoga always remain the same.  These poses will be consistent regardless of what class you take, and once you become familiar with them, you can begin to truly appreciate the benefits that yoga has to offer as well as what each of our instructors has to offer you!

What is meditation and do I have to do it?

Meditation is a method of clearing the mind and focusing on the breath to aid in relaxing the body. We usually dedicate a few minutes to this at the end of class since the practice of keeping the mind and body still is the most difficult to master in yoga.  However, the benefits of practicing mindful awareness have proven useful in reducing blood pressure, calming anxiety, and easing depression.