Annette Beresford

A native of Australia, Annette moved to Huntsville with her husband in 2002. After living and teaching here for nearly a decade now, she considers Huntsville her ‘Home away from home’. When Annette first came to Huntsville she was a student of Yoga, quickly realizing her passion for both Pilates & Yoga she wanted to share her experience with others through teaching. Soon afterward, she studied in Springfield, Missouri to become certified in Stott Pilates-both in Reformer & Mat disciplines. Annette moved with her husband to Virginia in 2003 for two years and while living there she also obtained her 200 hour certification from Yoga Alliance Teacher Training. She has attended many workshops around the country and studied with nationally renowned Yoga instructors such as Doug Keller, Desiree Rumbaugh and Rolf Gates. Annette has been practicing yoga for the past 15 years and teaching yoga for 8 years. Annette teaches both Pilates & Yoga in group classes or private sessions.


Suzanne Newton

Suzanne is registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT500 level, the Teacher Trainer level. She trained in the Iyengar Tradition from 1983 – 2011 and after passing assessments was granted a teaching certificate. Suzanne worked closely with Patricia Walden in Boston for 21 years and considers Patricia to be a role model of practice integrity and compassionate teaching. Now retired from the Iyengar Yoga National Association, Suzanne is the Director of Yoga Dharma Intensive Studies and a mentor to many local teachers.


Suzy Friedman

Suzy has been teaching Iyengar style yoga for over 10 years. Iyengar-based yoga focuses on form, technique, alignment, and body intelligence. Classes are sequenced in such a way as to allow the body to become supple, strong, and mobile. Suzy’s enthusiasm for yoga carries over to her students. Her classes are fun and engaging, yet are safe and appropriate for all levels.

Suzy completed her second level of Iyengar Yoga certification. Each level of certification requires intense study and practice. Suzy regularly travels to Nashville to study with her mentors, Jan Campbell and Gary Jaeger, and attends regional teacher training in Atlanta with Kathleen Pringle. She also regularly attends Iyengar workshops around the country taught by advanced-level Iyengar teachers to strengthen her practice and her teaching.


Stephen Alban

Stephen’s teaching is informed by a strong yoga practice and regular studies with senior level Iyengar yoga teachers. He has been teaching for 15 years and is comfortable adapting his classes to the level and needs of the students present. He invites students of all levels – from new beginners to seasoned students – to try his classes.


Pam Tejas

Pam developed an avid interest in health and wellness as a biology student in college. She appreciates both the scientific and medical aspects of health as well as the practical implementation of sustainable practices that support physical, mental, and spiritual wellness at an individual level. After several years of practicing yoga, Pam completed her 200 Hour teacher training at Yoga Fire in 2014. Wanting to further develop as both a teacher and practitioner, she continued her studies at the Yoga Dharma Intensive Studies (300 Hour Program) which she completed in 2016. She is a member of Yoga Alliance and the Iyengar Yoga NationalAssociation of the United States.

Inspired by the positive changes the yogic lifestyle has had in her own life, Pam enjoys supporting students of all levels in discovering the joy of yoga and building a strong personal practice. Her teaching style focuses on body alignment but includes flow sequences. Pam’s classes may challenge you, but her style is nurturing, patient, and friendly.


Chris Irrgang

had no idea that she would find a new passion when she walked into her first yoga class eight years ago. In early 2013, she received her online Yoga certification. Since then she has taught in various gyms and studios in the area. To further her education, she completed the 200-hour certification program with Yoga Dharma of Huntsville. Chris is certified and registered with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level. She has taught a variety of yoga classes for two years and served as an assistant in a Yoga for 50+ class for over a year. While assisting, she developed the skills for working with older adults and was inspired to create her own classes for that age group. She considers her teaching style to be a mixed style, with emphasis on alignment. Chris has been influenced by many different Yoga teaching philosophies including Ashtanga and Iyengar.

“Yoga should be accessible to everybody, no matter their background. I hope to be able to help people meet their goals on their mat while bringing a sense of fun to the class,” Chris says.


Casey Bakula

Combining her knowledge of yoga anatomy and philosophy with her humorous creative spirit, Casey’s classes are designed to balance and strengthen both body and mind.

Born and raised here in the Rocket City, Casey has been teaching yoga for over 12 years. She received her first 200 hour certification in 2005, and has since continued her education placing her at the 500 hour level.


Kathleen Judah

Kathleen was born, raised and attended college here in Huntsville. She has seen Huntsville go through many changes over the years as the city tries to go from a small engineering, cotton growing town to a well-rounded, family-friendly, progressive city.

Kathleen was introduced to yoga at her neighborhood clubhouse. She attended weekly classes in hopes of easing low back discomfort, but quickly discovered that yoga offered many other benefits. Her overall strength improved, she slept more soundly, and best of all, she noticed a quieting of her mind. What started as just another form of exercise to achieve a specific result  evolved into a lifestyle change.

Kathleen has been a student, attending classes regularly since 2009. The practice of yoga has been so beneficial, she decided to follow the path of instructor. She completed the 200-hour certification program with Yoga Dharma of Huntsville in June 2018, and is certified and registered with Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level. Her style of instruction focuses on technique, proper alignment, and modifications with the intention that the practice of yoga is attainable for anyone, at any level, who chooses to participate. Instructing is an incredibly rewarding experience that allows her to share her love for yoga with others.


Bonnie Robertson

Bonnie has been teaching some form of movement or athletics since she was a teenager. Her first licensed certification was in Russian Classical Ballet, The Vaganova Syllabus, from the John Barker School of Classical Ballet in NYC, NY. This training provided the ground work for her understanding of and skill in teaching the many forms of movement and sport she has mastered.

She is registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT500 level and a member of the Iyengar Yoga Association of the United States. She was trained by Don Stapleton PhD. (former 20 year Yoga Director of the Kripalu Institute), at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. She continues her education by studying the works and practice of the B.K.S. Iyengar tradition through workshops and classes by certified instructors. She was recently accepted by Tom Meyers, developer and author of “Anatomy Trains” kinesiology and manual therapy techniques, to become a certified Structural Integration Therapist starting class work in August 2019.

She is excited to continue teaching Yoga and incorporating new training into her blend of practice that strives to celebrate all levels of human performance and potential. Her classes encourage participants to explore and embrace where they are ‘in the moment’ while encouraging a deeper sense of self knowledge and acceptance.

When not teaching Yoga, she is a Co-Owner and Board member of Pinnacle Behavioral Health, LLC., works as a certified and licensed Family Nurse Practitioner, promotes a lifestyle where nutrition and exercise are ‘the best medicine,’ and enjoys the outdoors every opportunity she is given.